A PRINCESS THEATER Show Sells Out All Performances at City Treehouse

A Princess Visit’s “A Princess Theater” production of “CLASSIC PRINCESS TALES” premiered at the popular NYC venue City Treehouse on April 22nd, playing to sold-out audiences.

Starring Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and special guest stars the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming, the energetic, interactive show featured a beautiful theatrical backdrop and told the classic story of Cinderella, intertwined with amazing magic, music, dance, and audience participation.

As a special treat, every child received their very own magic wand and a special “princess gift”, as well as a special meet and greet with the Princesses.

“A Princess Theater” will be returning to City Treehouse again this summer, with another popular show. Please stay tuned to this blog for details, or sign up for our mailing list int he right-hand column of this blog.

Also, if you are planning your child’s birthday party, you can book your very own “A Princess Theater” for your party! A Princess Visit will bring the complete show with theatrical backdrop, professional sound system and professional actresses as the Princesses right to your party location. You can choose from the following themes: Classic Princess Tales, Mermaid Adventure, or Fairydust Dreams. Each show features 2-3 characters of your choice. Email us now  at info@aprincessvisit.com to book, or call us at 646-213-0073.


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A Peek into Sleeping Beauty’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness….I have a secret to tell you! So excited that even I, Sleeping Beauty, cannot seem to get a wink of sleep!

This week I am going to make “Princess Visits” to Princess birthday parties all over NYC!  I LOVE visiting Princess parties! All the little girls (and boys) love meeting the real Sleeping Beauty, and they especially love my magical, musical, interactive show! We also will do beautiful sparkly face painting, or themed games, or balloon twisting (Yes, we Princesses are multi-talented!)

I also will bring beautiful princess dress-up tu-tus for the girls to take home (made with “magic” by my three “fairy aunties”, of course!), and the boys get their own boys’ costumes, too! Sleeping Beauty parties are also perfect for “pajama party”- themed birthdays!

Well, I’d better go now….it’s very late and I really must try to get my beauty rest! If you’d like to learn more about my very special A Princess Visit Princess parties in NYC (as well as my friends Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Beauty, Tinkerbell, Snow White’s parties) please visit our website. You can also contact A Princess Visit at 646-213-0073, or email us.

Well, bye-bye for now! Sweet dreams:-)

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Here ye! Here ye! And now a message from… Prince Charming!

Well, hello lovely ladies and gents! Prince Charming here today! On behalf of A Princess Visit, I’d like to address the #1 question parents ask when booking a princess party…..”What about the boys at my daughter’s princess party? Will they have fun, too?” Well, the answer is…YES!!

All “A Princess Visit” entertainment packages are expertly created and customized to capture the attention and imagination of both boys AND girls. Our signature scripted fairytale shows are highly interactive and the boys actively participate as pirates, princes, superheroes, or knights!

We also have lots of popular high-quality face painting designs for boys, and all kinds of awesome boy balloon sculptures – super swords, wands, hats, animals, etc. Also, If you’d like to have a popular boys’ character at your princess party, we have all of the popular superheroes, princes, and other boys’ characters!

For more info: www.aprincessvisit.com To book your amazing interactive A Princess Visit party, contact us at 646-213-0073, or email us at info@aprincessvisit.com

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Welcome to Guest Blogger “Queen” Carla of Mini-Munchers

Today we would like to welcome our guest blogger…”Queen” Carla of Mini-Munchers!

NYC Kid-Friendly Dining: Where to Bring your Budding Princess

By Carla Sullivan, Mommy Muncher


When venturing into the City with your Princes and Princesses – it is important to have a pretty good idea of where you want to go and when (you know how royalty HATES to wait!)

Here are a few spots that Mini Munchers (www.minimunchers.com) has discovered that my two little ones (17 months and 4 ½ years and I agree are worth the royal treatment!

1. Russian Tea Room (www.RussianTeaRoomNYC.com) One of the LAST remaining iconic restaurants in Manhattan, the Russian Tea Room is a treat for children and adults! Just step into this jewel-box restaurant, and your tot will know it is a royal day! Conveniently located on the same block as Carnegie Hall, it is a great place to come after a concert or a carriage ride in Central Park. The children’s tea is $25 a child (under 12) and the multiple courses will be sure to please any fickle Princess or Prince!

2. Sweetiepie (www.sweetiepierestaurant.com) A favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow, this West Village spot is a great family find. Not only is the menu varied (for both children and adults) but if you get there early – or reserve in advance – your Princess can sit in the coveted gilded bird cage located in the front of the restaurant. The hot pink banquettes are a great second choice for any royal bum.

3. Moomah (www.Moomah.com)- Moomah is a wonderful place to bring your royal tots in TriBeCa. Not only is the extensive menu local, seasonal AND organic (with dairy-free and gluten-free choices) but kids are encouraged to play while they eat with incredibly beautiful and engrossing art projects! What’s more, if you visit on a Saturday or Sunday, the back room, usually reserved for private classes, is transformed into a “funky forest” for children to explore and use their imaginations. Oh – they just got their liquor license so it can be a great way to unwind after a visit to Ground Zero or Nearby Century 21.

4. Fig & Olive (www.figandolive.com) Madison Avenue location only – After a day of royal shopping, Fig & Olive is a quiet and serene restaurant around the corner from Saks and Bendels to unwind. Ok, so they only have a kid’s menu at brunch on weekends – but the best part about the menu (for us moms with little ones) is that it includes Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food. So NICE to not have to schlep food for baby princesses!

4. Alice’s Tea Cup (www.alicesteacup.com) – With locations on the UES and UWS, Alices Tea Cup is a treat for little Princesses. Dont let the name fool you, as in addition to a great tea service, they also have a full menu and “after school” snacks – for a quick stop after the royal academy. Dont be surprised if you (or your little one) are tempted by the fun novelties for sale in the front boutique of both locations.

To check out these restaurants children’s menus and to see reviews on these and many more NYC Princess-friendly spots, check out www.MiniMunchers.com. Happy Munching!

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A Very Happy and Magical 2011 to You!

OH MY! It’s 2011 and all of the Princesses here at A Princess Visit’s enchanted castle are so excited to wish you a very magical New Year!

We are so very excited for 2011, and are proud to announce our amazing new royal party package, “A Princess Theater”!
Each “A Princess Theater” party package features a completely original interactive show, the most stunning costumes and Broadway-caliber actresses! The birthday child has the opportunity to play a special role in the production. Each interactive show is followed by a special “meet and greet” with the charming characters, and comes complete with a backdrop and professional sound system to create a mini “theater” at your party!

The show titles include: “Classic Princess Tales”, “Mermaid Adventures”, and “Fairydust Magic”.
Each show is imaginatively and expertly written by A Princess Visit co-founders, Christine Cox and Crystal Scott, and sets the standard for high-quality princess and children’s party entertainment in NYC.

To book your very own “Princess Theater” package for your next party, please contact A Princess Visit today at 646-213-0073, or you can email us. For more info, please visit our website: www.aprincessvisit.com

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A Princess Visit’s Owners listed in LaunchHer’s 40 under 40 list

Christine Cox & Crystal Scott (owners of A Princess Visit) were featured in LaunchHER.com’s 40 Under 40: Top 40 Women Entrepreneur “Movers and Shakers” in October.  Ranked as #14 & #15, they were chosen among other rising female entrepreneurs and celebrities such as Rachel Zoe, Tori Spelling, and the Kardashian sisters.  They were described as being “super smart business gals”.  This talented team has also “perfected princess shows that engage children of all ages”…Read the article here.

Specializing in Princesses, Mermaids, and Fairies for children’s parties, a Princess Visit features Broadway-caliber actresses starring as your favorite characters in original and engaging  interactive princess shows ! Other popular party activities such as high-quality face painting, balloon sculpting and themed musical games are also available. Contact them today!

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“Princess Prep” – a luxury sleep-away camp in London!

A Princess Visit LOVES Princess Prep: a luxury sleep-away camp for American girls ages 8-11 in London, England! “Taking inspiration from historical and modern-day princesses, the unique curriculum focuses on…culture & history, manners & kindness, charm & compassion, presence & poise…” http://www.princess-prep.com/#

For adorable “princess lessons” a little closer to home, A Princess Visit is pleased to offer our Platinum princess party package. This very special package includes a “Royal Musical Ball” and beautiful dress-up giveaways for all the little guests. For info on our Platinum party packages, please visit www.aprincessvisit.com

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Princess Snow White’s Pick: Kids’ Cooking/Baking Classes

From cooking up all of the Seven Dwarves’ favorite dishes, to making delicious desserts like apple pie, Snow White is quite the cook. So, of course, Snow White’s favorite NYC activity is…. kids’ cooking classes! Cupcake Kids! offers a wide range of classes, from cupcake classes to pizza making to holiday foods. They also have a kitchen designed just for kids! http://www.cupcakekids.com/index.html

If you are planning a party for little Princesses and Princes who love Snow White, don’t forget about A Princess Visit’s: A Golden Princess Visit with Snow White, featuring our magical Snow White Show! Visit: www.aprincessvisit.com for more info!

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Cinderella’s Pick: Little Princess Afternoon Tea in NYC

images-2Did you know that Cinderella loves going to “Afternoon Tea” in NYC? Whether it’s a lovely “high tea” with the Prince at the Ritz-Carlton, or a more casual “afternoon tea” with her mice friends in at Alice’s Tea Cup, Cinderella loves all the different tea places NYC has to offer.
Here is a link to a list of over 50 great tea salons/restaurants: http://www.geocities.com/hiromimw/NYtea.html
You never know…you might just see Cinderella or one of her Princess friends there!

If you are planning a tea party at home for little Princesses, don’t forget about A Princess Visit’s newest princess party entertainment package: A Princess Tea Party including a Mini Interactive Princess Show, Princess Etiquette, and stickers/tattoos. Visit: www.aprincessvisit.com for more info!

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The Perfect Princess Show!

Invite your favorite princesses, princes, pirates, and/or fairies to your special birthday party!

Get a sneak peek on the most magical and musical Princess Show in New York City!

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