Here ye! Here ye! And now a message from… Prince Charming!

Well, hello lovely ladies and gents! Prince Charming here today! On behalf of A Princess Visit, I’d like to address the #1 question parents ask when booking a princess party…..”What about the boys at my daughter’s princess party? Will they have fun, too?” Well, the answer is…YES!!

All “A Princess Visit” entertainment packages are expertly created and customized to capture the attention and imagination of both boys AND girls. Our signature scripted fairytale shows are highly interactive and the boys actively participate as pirates, princes, superheroes, or knights!

We also have lots of popular high-quality face painting designs for boys, and all kinds of awesome boy balloon sculptures – super swords, wands, hats, animals, etc. Also, If you’d like to have a popular boys’ character at your princess party, we have all of the popular superheroes, princes, and other boys’ characters!

For more info: To book your amazing interactive A Princess Visit party, contact us at 646-213-0073, or email us at


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